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My work with clients showed that the best results healing obtained in three ways:


the First direction - works with clients with symptoms of primary and secondary infertility. Elimination of power blocks, usually associated with childhood memories, negative experience of parents, etc. together with the rise of the entire energy allows in many cases to achieve a desired result. Of course all the will of God, especially in such a delicate matter as the childbearing. Those who pass through the sessions and implement parental experience with unborn children can confirm that with the help of higher powers everything happens. Russian fairy tales for the treatment of your soul (More...)

the Evil eye, damage, spell, curse etc.

the Second direction of the work on eliminate negative energy effects, popularly referred to as the evil eye, damage, ├»├░├Ę├ó├«├░├«├▓├«├Č, no end of trouble, curse, including generic)management, shares of negative energy parasites (such swarms of larvae, ┬źjellyfish┬╗ and other). The work is carried out both with the client and the environment in which he lives or works. Usually takes a few sessions to eliminate the negative impact. But my personal opinion is that to obtain stable results, especially for chronic conditions, necessary for the client to give initiation and teach him the skills of work in the practice of Reiki, which allows him to continue to independently address negative impacts; eradicate myself the reasons that caused such an effect. As a rule, work through the removal of the internal status of a ┬źvictim┬╗of guilt, aggression, rehabilitation of energy person and leads to the gradual disappearance of the negative external influences and radically changes his way of life, and filled him with joy, health and happiness. Constantly practicing Reiki, people began to notice that family problems are slowly being harmonized, comes an understanding with the spouse and children around him just wonderful people, work is filled with the higher sense of service, brings him satisfaction and joy of self-realization. (More...)


the Third direction floated ┬źaccidentally┬╗. In my experience, there were four treatment of clients, patients with different types of Oncology 4 and 5 stage. The three of them got a positive result. Of course, the full effect gave it is a joint work with health professionals who selflessly helped clients. In one case, the appeal came too late, went to irreversible changes in the spine with damage to bone marrow. But nothing to do.... anyway, it makes sense to try to work in this direction and, if they fail to heal, at least to facilitate care of the person. But this work is very difficult, it requires a lot of stress and responsibilities on both sides and, as a rule, is connected with radical reorganization of the inner world of the patient. Unfortunately, in practice, in consequence of different reasons for this, not everyone is ready. (More...)

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In conclusion, I want to emphasize that a person heals himself working in the flow of divine energy (as translated from the Japanese Reiki). The wizard is to reveal the person to make his own shortcomings, to accept himself as he is and help him in the elimination of these deficiencies. Eradicating the causes of diseases, hold on a negative blocks and emotions, forming positive thinking and fixing this state in the daily habit, you can cure almost any disease.

Three Taoist rules:

  • a Person understands that without help him not to solve his problem.
  • a Person turns for help to a stranger.
  • People appeals for help to me.

the Observance of these three rules gives me a right of intervention and give the customer healing.

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